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We are STR💪NGER together

Change the narrative in your life…..

Being able to chose a song, then to collectively with open minded talented colleagues create a beautiful video was so exhilarating! Right now I feel that the sky is the limit, we can do great things with the guidance of our Instructors/Mentors at Illinois Media School. I am grateful and proud to be a student with like minded classmates. Who would have thought that us brainstorming in class one Tuesday night would turn into a masterpiece the following Thursday?

Do not be stressed, we are all going through challenges, some chose to hide them, others allow to be consumed by them. Know that together, we can and will overcome them. It’s ok to not be ok, it’s ok to cry, but know when you wipe away those tears, it’s time to pick yourself up. Ask for peace, ask for your fears and worries to go away, ask for God to help you. God hears and see all. I will listen, help and assure you my brother, I will listen, help and assure you my sister. We are not alone, we are victorious, we all have moments of being down, but never will we stay down. This too shall pass and joy will come in the morning and late in the midnight hour.

Chatting With Da Fam

I’m An Expert At????

I was asked to do an podcast on what I’m an expert at. So truthfully this was my response. Enjoy I’m on AnchorFm under RoChe ChiTown

Lyse Pops Scalp

RoShawn Balling Out

RoChe ChiTown & RoShawn Ro & Ro Rolling with the Ro’s

RoChe’ ChiTown & RoShawn Rolling with the Ro’s

RoChe ChiTown and RoShawn are mom and son who will always find the light at the end of the tunnel. They may not see it, but they know it’s there. Life is to be lived to the fullest by waking and embracing their faith, family, fellowship, festivities, food and fun!

Rolling with the Ro’s will be a ride you want in on! From day to day we will welcome you into our everyday walk in life. Just like a nice refreshing glass of lemonade we will sometimes be refreshing, sometimes there will be some tartness but none the less. You will feel great afterwards.

It’s always nice to be nice

FAITH wins

God is in control

Got Your Attention Yet???

People, you must be living under a rock if you have not felt and seen the pain we are all encountering. Everyone is being affected. While some of us are overworked, others are not without work. It’s overwhelming to be helpless to many who need help. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/cases-updates/cases-in-us.html I’m not sure what else need to happen for you all to pay attention to the what and why? The what?? And the why?? You ask??

People we have all been heartless, reckless, selfish and disobedient. God is not pleased with our actions. We have been neglecting time with Him. We have been mistreating each other. Disrespecting the authorities, disrespecting ourselves, disrespecting and disappointing you.

We are paying attention now that we have time to sit still. https://news.yahoo.com/coronavirus-lockdown-everything-t-going-161757046.html Please Lord have mercy on us all in this season.

I am begging for us all to humble ourselves and turn from our wicked ways. I am begging for us all to hearken and be obedient to God.

Don’t be selfish Be smart

Being obedient to laws enforced by the Center for Disease Control and our Government is not only right for you, but for others. I get that some are very healthy, however many are not. So why do you feel it’s okay to expose yourself and your germs to others? Why do you feel it’s okay to not follow the rules of the law? I want to live, I want to see my son’s children, I want to see the fruits of my labor blossom, I want to do better and help more.

It’s not far that someone may be subjected to being infected because you decided to not follow the rules of the law. It’s not far for Healthcare Providers, Law Enforcement, Business Owners, Delivery Men and Women and any person walking this earth come in contact with any airborne infection, disease or germs because you choose to be selfless and reckless. Wash your hands, cover your mouth when sneezing, coughing, disinfect your homes and cars. Stay away from others if you are sick please.

To stay educated and informed on the most current information regarding COVID19 https://g.co/kgs/b7fvUx

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I Am RoChe ChiTown Episode 3

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