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Got Your Attention Yet???

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People, you must be living under a rock if you have not felt and seen the pain we are all encountering. Everyone is being affected. While some of us are overworked, others are not without work. It’s overwhelming to be helpless to many who need help. I’m not sure what else need to happen for you all to pay attention to the what and why? The what?? And the why?? You ask??

People we have all been heartless, reckless, selfish and disobedient. God is not pleased with our actions. We have been neglecting time with Him. We have been mistreating each other. Disrespecting the authorities, disrespecting ourselves, disrespecting and disappointing you.

We are paying attention now that we have time to sit still. Please Lord have mercy on us all in this season.

I am begging for us all to humble ourselves and turn from our wicked ways. I am begging for us all to hearken and be obedient to God.

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