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Don’t be selfish Be smart

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Being obedient to laws enforced by the Center for Disease Control and our Government is not only right for you, but for others. I get that some are very healthy, however many are not. So why do you feel it’s okay to expose yourself and your germs to others? Why do you feel it’s okay to not follow the rules of the law? I want to live, I want to see my son’s children, I want to see the fruits of my labor blossom, I want to do better and help more.

It’s not far that someone may be subjected to being infected because you decided to not follow the rules of the law. It’s not far for Healthcare Providers, Law Enforcement, Business Owners, Delivery Men and Women and any person walking this earth come in contact with any airborne infection, disease or germs because you choose to be selfless and reckless. Wash your hands, cover your mouth when sneezing, coughing, disinfect your homes and cars. Stay away from others if you are sick please.

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