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We are STR­čĺ¬NGER together

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Change the narrative in your life…..

Being able to chose a song, then to collectively with open minded talented colleagues create a beautiful video was so exhilarating! Right now I feel that the sky is the limit, we can do great things with the guidance of our Instructors/Mentors at Illinois Media School. I am grateful and proud to be a student with like minded classmates. Who would have thought that us brainstorming in class one Tuesday night would turn into a masterpiece the following Thursday?

Do not be stressed, we are all going through challenges, some chose to hide them, others allow to be consumed by them. Know that together, we can and will overcome them. It’s ok to not be ok, it’s ok to cry, but know when you wipe away those tears, it’s time to pick yourself up. Ask for peace, ask for your fears and worries to go away, ask for God to help you. God hears and see all. I will listen, help and assure you my brother, I will listen, help and assure you my sister. We are not alone, we are victorious, we all have moments of being down, but never will we stay down. This too shall pass and joy will come in the morning and late in the midnight hour.


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